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Nomination for 2023 Fall Semester Starts!

Dear Partner,

Greetings from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE). We would appreciate it if you could forward this nomination email to the right person in charge of your outgoing program.

We are pleased to introduce our new online nomination system to you. By utilizing the system, you can not only nominate students and query courses information but also verify students’ learning agreements, and download transcripts or certifications.

Kindly note that if you have sent us your nominations via email, please nominate again via .

Please let me know by email if you complete this online nomination.

The nomination deadline for the Fall semester is April 15th.

The online application deadline for students is April 30th.

We will send students information on their online application once we verify your nomination.

1. Teaching methods

This non-degree program will adopt on-site teaching for this whole semester.

2. Slots occupation

If students have been accepted but withdraw out of their personal reasons, they will occupy the exchange slots.

3. Calendar

2023 Fall Semester will start from August 31st, 2023. The finalized academic calendar will be released here:

4. Courses information

Courses information for the 2023 Fall semester is not released yet from our three teaching faculties. Please check courses information of previous semesters as a reference.

Please note that for one of the teaching faculties, School of International Education(SIE), the minimum number for one class is no less than 20 students. As a consequence, some courses of SIE might be canceled. We wish you could understand and inform your students about this situation.

We remain at your disposal should you need any further information, and look forward to welcoming your nominated students for the upcoming semester.