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18F 6-H Chinese Course Registration Instruction

6-hour Chinese Course: customized alternate Chinese course for GEEC students ONLY. Class structure is more flexible and class time will be decided later based on the amount of students. Each class’s capacity is 15 students. 

Class will start from Sept. 10, 2018, and will last for 13 weeks. Students will have to meet twice in the afternoon for 6 lecture hours per week (each lecture hour is 50 minutes). Only primary level is available.  6 local credits for this course.


Course registration is needed by clicking here: Registration Link no later than Sept. 5Please include this course in your Learning Agreement as well, and 4 other business courses can be taken. 

 Course schedule will be made based on your preference (A: Monday+Wednesday / B: Tuesday+Thursday, 1:30 pm till 4:00 pm). Finalized schedule will be posted on Sept.7.  


No audition for this course, and please think twice and well communicate with your home university before registering this course. Once you register, no more change.