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Nomination for 2020 Fall Semester Starts!


Dear Partner,


Greetings from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, China. The nomination and application of exchange program for our 2020 Fall Semester now begins! 


In this world where the epidemic is raging around us, we sincerely wish you, your family and friends good health, peace and good luck! At the same time, we wish to thank you for your longstanding help and support. During the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to ensure the smooth nomination and enrollment of 2020 Fall semester, we have made some special changes, please note:


1. If your university plans to postpone or to cancel exchange of 2020 Fall, please let us know at your earliest convenience.

2. The nomination deadline will be extended from April 15th (the regular deadline) to April 30th, and online application deadline from April 30th (the regular deadline) to May 15th for the 2020 Fall Semester ONLY.

3.For the needs of China's epidemic prevention and control work in the next few months, the time of issuing admission notice and visa application material is to be decided, which is subjected to how the pandemic will evolve in each country and to Chinese government’s policy and requirement. Please complete nomination and online application as usual, we will notify you immediately after the admission office at UIBE determines the issuance date.

4. Before the nomination process, please read the “Guideline for Incoming Exchange Student” attached to receive information about exchange program at UIBE.



Nomination link:

Nomination deadline: April 30th, 2020 

Nomination instruction:

1. Fill out and upload the new nomination form attached, accordingly to the sample provided.

Please be aware that wrong format of nomination form could result to a delay in nomination process. Old format of nomination form is not acceptable.

2. Upload a scanned passport main page of each nominated student.

Please make sure your nominated students passports will be valid through their whole exchange program. If not, please have them renew their passports FIRST and nominate with their new passport number. Please kindly remind them to apply online with their valid passport number. Passport renewal should be done BEFORE nomination and application.

3. Upload a scanned official nomination letter of each nominated student.

A scanned official nomination letter on your letter head is needed, according to our new admission policy. On this letter, please indicate the basic information of your outgoing students and their planned study duration at UIBE. This form will be also needed when your students apply online.

4. Fill out the online nomination completely with correct information.


If you have already emailed the nomination document to GEEC, we would appreciate your effort to SUBMIT them again WITH needed documents through the NOMINATION LINK. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.





Online application link:;jsessionid=9890B2272B1F57162AB04AFEB17FFCA7

Online application deadline: May 15th, 2020

Online application instruction: see attached

1.Each nominated student will receive an online application instruction email from us after his/her nomination is received, and nominated students have to complete the online application to receive their admission notice and visa application material.

2.Any errors in online application will lead to wrong information in admission notice and visa application materials. It takes a month and a charge to re-issue an admission notice and visa application materials.



1. 2020 Fall Semester starts from September 2020 to December 2020, and the finalized academic calendar will be released later here: 

2. On-campus Accommodation: The application will start in June, 2020, and the final accommodation confirmation will be posted to GEEC’s website before August, 2020. If no application received, we would also respect students’ own arrangement.

3. WeChat Account: Each student needs to set up a WeChat account (instant messenger app) and add “UIBE_Incoming” as friend no later than July, 2020. 

4. Buddy Program: Application will start from June 2020, and an UIBE Chinese student will be assigned to each incoming student as a buddy no later than August, 2020.  


Dates about above-mentioned events are subjected to change and will be communicated later directly with your nominated students via email. Please kindly remind your students of checking emails and GEEC’s website frequently:


Courses information for 2020 Fall semester is not released yet from our three teaching colleges. Please check course information from previous semesters as a reference.


We would appreciate if you could forward this email to the right person in charge of your outgoing program, and look forward to welcoming your nominated students in the upcoming semester.


Best regards,


UIBE GEEC Incoming Team