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Procedures for Course Registration - 2019 Fall

Procedures for Course Registration in UIBE

----for Exchange Students (2019 Fall)


1. Courses are provided by 3 faculties/schools:                   

School of International Education (SIE)                          

School of International Trade and Economics (SITE)                  

Business School (BS)


2. Course List, Syllabus, and Introduction

      Please check Global Exchange and Experience Center’s (GEEC) website for course list, syllabus, and introduction.


3. Course Schedule

 Please check Global Exchange and Experience Center’s (GEEC) website for course schedule.


4. Registration Module (choose ONLY one module ):  

A. No more than 6 business or economic courses

B. 20-hour Chinese course + 2 other business or economic courses

C. 6-hour Chinese course+4 other business

      Note: Please check with your home university and choose ONE module that best suits you.


5. How to register

1)     Refer to the 2019 Fall Academic Calendar for important dates.

2)     Download 2019 Fall Learning Agreement from GEEC website.

3)     Go to take courses you are interested in during trial session/audition and make your final choices.

4)     Fill out the learning agreement with courses you will take for the semester in UIBE.

5)     Print out and sign your learning agreement. Please make sure all changes must be made before you print it out.

6)     Take the learning agreement to the international office in each school for signature and confirmation.

7)     Submit the learning agreement with all signatures to Global Exchange and Experience Center before deadline.

8)     Check the final registration list from GEEC.


       Note: Please check with your home university before submitting your learning agreement. No change is allowed after you submission.



6. Office Information

GEEC:        Lucia Dong

                                TEl: 010-64492121  Rm.201, B Wing, International Plaza


Business School:   Maggie REN

                               TEl: 010-64494287  Rm. 831, Ningyuan Bld 


SIE:       Qianyao REN

                                TEl: 010-64493419   Rm.129,Qiuzhi Bld  


SITE:        Catherine GUAN   

                                TEl: 010-64492003   Rm. 1112, Boxue Bld