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2016 Fall Registration Tips

2016 Fall Registration Tips

SIE Courses

# 20-hour Chinese Course: standardized comprehensive Chinese course, and class time is every morning from 8:00-11:30, Monday to Friday. Good for Chinese Starters.

If you have already passed the “test” when you registered, you have to check your class information on Saturday (details in your clear bag).

If you did not decide to take it when you registered, you need to visit Rm.207, Huibin Bld for interview no later than Aug. 26. Need to include this in your Learning Agreement if you intend to take this course, and only 2 other courses can be taken.

Once take it you can not drop it, so think twice before you take it. Class will start from Aug.29.

# 6-hour Chinese Course: customized alternate Chinese course for GEEC students ONLY. Class structure is more flexible and class time will be decided later. Course registration needed only in Dustin’s Office (Qiuzhen 107) no later than Aug.26. No need to include this in your Learning Agreement, and 4 other course can be taken.

# Business Courses: All introductory courses in Chinese context for all levels (Undergrad./Grad.).


SITE Courses

# Pre-registration form needed no later than Aug.26 through emails to

# Undergraduate students who are planning to take graduate level courses, you need to meet with Jane Lee at Rm.1112, Boxue Bld.


SOB Courses

# Survival Chinese Course: an extra course for exchange students, and you can still take another 6 courses if you are taking this one. But its schedule is not decided yet.

# IUP courses are for undergraduate level, IMBA course are for graduate level, but there is no restriction on taking IMBA courses.

# If you are taking SOB courses, your grades and transcripts may not be ready until 2017 Spring semester.



# You can choose no more than 6 courses plus Survival Chinese Course (Optional) for fall semester.

# Please have your learning agreement signed as soon as you decide to take that course after auditing the class.

Please submit your learning agreement before the deadline, and once it is submitted, no change would be accepted.


To Those late comers after :

# If you are coming before Aug.27, do your statutory registration in the basement of Huibin Bld. If you are coming later than Aug.27, visit Rm.103, Huibin Bld for registration.

A prove email to will be needed from your home university to verify your late registration.